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Solid Wood Floors: Impart richness,
warmth and natural beauty to the interior… It is a permanent floor extremely durable and long lasting. The key to success of a hardwood floor lies in pre- installation job conditions and a little care, which can enhance the value of one’s home and office over a period of time.

These floors are not only elegant but also one’s lifetime investment and would continue earning appreciation only if one is cautious and is aware of installation and maintenance techniques of such floors.

Preventive maintenance of
hardwood floors

Place floor mats: Dirt, grit and sand are your hardwood floors worst enemies. They act like abrasives on the finish causing wearing off of polish, scratches and dulling. Place floor-mats at entrances to trap dirt and prevent damage.

Hard Cleaners: Avoid using hard cleaners. Always use neutral cleaners.

Furniture: Lift the furniture to move it avoid dragging. No matter how hard the finish is, No wood floor is scratch-proof, they are only scratch resistant.

Sun: Direct sun can discolor your hardwood floor. Draw curtains or blinds to the extent that the wood floor is not directly exposed to sun’s intense UV rays.

Chemicals: Keep all chemicals away from the floor, which can react with the coatings/ finishers.



‘A’ BRAND’ warrants: the material & installation of the flooring to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of Two year. In such unlikely circumstance the exclusive remedy under this warranty shall be replacement of defective material supplied by ‘A’ BRAND’ free of charge or correction of defective installation by ‘A’ BRAND’ free of charge.

This warranty: does not cover damage caused by fire, winds, floods, chemicals or other abuse, or by failure of other contractors to adhere to specifications, or neglect of reasonable precaution to provide adequate ventilation during hot and humid weather, direct Sun impact.

This warranty: excludes damage takenplace due to (Fixing or Polishing) work carried out by ‘A Brand’, mealy on cliants insistence & responsibility, (due to the Clients urgentsy towards site completion) under unsutable site conditions. Site requirements Prior to commencement of work: The premises should be completely closed in with outside windows and doors in place and all other openings covered with No Temporary coverings using materials such as Polythene, est., to prevent the floor from exposures such as rain and sunlight.. (This may cause shrinkages and warping of wood).All Wet functions should be completed, (drywall, paint, ceramic tile, bathroom works, etc.). Air conditioning systems should be operational in accordance with “Normal Living Conditions” 3-5 days before cutting & polishing, for The wood floor to get acclimate to prevailing conditions.

This warranty: also excludes damage to floors due to ordinary wear and tear, faulty construction of the building, (other than the flooring installation), separation of the concrete slab underlying the floor, settlement of the walls, or use of water on the floor.

During the warranty period: the floor cannot be Repaired or coated without the permission of the ‘A’ Brand’.

Upon completion of floor installation: the owners, attendants or individuals in charge are responsible for the upkeep of the building are to see that the care and maintenance instructions of ‘A’ Brand’ are followed. Failure to do so may void warranty (Do not cover the floor with polythene or equalrnt material for a period of more than one week, due to its moisture evaporration process the floor may get badly damaged(warlp,fugus fomation,etc,.)